Gaea: A Pagan Photographic Project by Ellie Smart

“Gaea – The Great Goddess. The spirits, deities and elements are part of her as is everything that lives on the planet. I believe that all life is sacred and that my needs are never of greater nor lesser importance than the needs of any other living being, either animal or plant.” – Janet Bliss

‘Gaea’ is a photographic project created by Ellie Smart. It explores Paganism in the UK through a collection of pre- Christian religions and spiritualities. The project follows people on their pathways through Paganism, which aims to generate a positive discussion about an often-misunderstood way of life.

Before Christianity, there were multiple faiths that revolved around nature, the elements and spirits; today these faiths come under the umbrella term of Paganism. Paganism can range from Celtic beliefs, to Egyptian beliefs, but primarily it’s a belief in the connection with the earth, spirits and elements.

“Paganism is not concerned primarily with the unusual or supernatural, but with the miracle of ordinary life in all its facets.”

The project is ongoing and Ellie is inviting Pagans to get involved so, if you want to contact her then please do so:

Man in Black6x7-2Smart_Elspeth_Gaea_Colin_21092016Smart_Elspeth_Gaea_Dave Munday_21092016

Ellie Smart 2

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